Thanks to Sherol

Sherol, our AIVD teacher. She's an interesting teacher and also brought us this amazing course.

She treats us more like friends. She talked with us about our interest and tried to understand what levels we have already reached. She used her Chinese to make joke with us.

She has also invited a lot...

Thanks to Teacher Assistants

In this course, we have our teacher assistants ,Yinan,Jeffery and Kevin.

They helped us in any way they can. They stayed late in school to download the software we need in following days. They used all the softwareswe have used in the class before and understand it clearly so that they can help to...


#Debeat Time

#Google's Traditional Game

#Game Design & Test Time

The things we learned in this class is more than skills. What I've learned,is the importance of communication and cooporation. 

We've got a lot of projects everyday. Most of them are teamwork.

It doesn't mean...

Final Project



A: Hello, everybody. I’m Lisa.

B: I’m Cindy.

A: Today we’re going to talk about Artificial Intelligence, a kind of moderntechnology. Artificial means something manmade, something unnatural. And Intelligence implies that it thinks and acts logically. It's just an easy...

Board Game

Ludus: Get into the center circle

Paida: Roll the dices, move the chess and maybe offer a require or do a require

Narrative: //You can just imagine a story yourself.

This game need three players. Each player choose a color, red, yellowor blue. Each color stands...

Final Project Proposal


>>Artificial Intelligence


I'm gonna talked about three A, Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence and Aruino.

Algorithm and AI are both something abstract. The differences between them is that Algorithm has existed for a long time and AI is new-tech. And...

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game that have a long history. It is a part of our childhood.

Today we tried to make a program about Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's a easy game of course, but it's hard to write an program with AI to have more chance...

Aritficial Intelligence

Artificial means something made by human, something unnatural. And Intelligence means think and act logically. It's just a easy defination. And the academical defination of AI might have more rules. But it's important to remeber that all artificial things are unnatural because artificial things is...

Thanks to Tronster Hartly

It's honor to  communicate with Tronster Hartly, a Firaxis Game Designer.

He has talked about the programming language he used. That makeme be determined to choose C++ to write program instead of Pascal and learn as much programming language as I can.

Thanks to Sherol Chen gave us such a great...

Argument Champion

Ludus: To win the champion

Paida: Click to choose the best answer

Narrative: You're debeating on a topic about .... with someone else.

It simulates an debeat. You can choose a character and a topic to argue with others. And you will be given a word, then you're going to develop it and finally go...

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